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My life is full of significant transition right now, and I’ve had a long, long season of taking it all in.


For a lot of years I shared so much of myself in this space, maybe too much. Not so the case in recent years. I’ve held most things close, and really, blogging ain’t what it used to be. Most of you reading (now) probably have no idea what I’m even talking about, but trust me, it changed.

One of the incredible transitions in our lives is that we’ll be gaining a son-in-love by the end of this year! Yes, my beautiful baby girl is engaged! Taylor had the foresight to arrange for his proposal to be videoed, and for that, our family is forever grateful.

I wanted to share it with you now – grab a tissue – because I’m finding myself drawn to my writing desk more these days, and this is the happiest of reasons why. Thanks to Caleb Kohl and his magical videography–he had the rough cut to us by the next morning, and this finished edit by the next day.


The Proposal // Taylor & Rachel  from Caleb Kohl on Vimeo.


Definitely more to come….

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