…or wives to be!

Ok girls, admit it–how many times have you gotten mad at your husband because he didn’t read your mind? You wanted him intuitively just “to know” what you were thinking, because by his actions, you realized not only was he not on the right page, he wasn’t even reading the same book (uh, he was probably watching the movie version instead)(yep…gender stereotyping at it’s finest!).

Since I’ve been married soooooooo long now (happy 18th in November), it’s been a while since I expected? hoped? Tad could read my mind.

The funny thing is, when I read this book, I was blown away…I realized how often I had flat missed reading HIS mind! Gee, and I thought I knew something about guys…my own hubby.

Run–don’t walk–and buy or borrow a copy of this today. Then TALK to your husband about it. I promise, it’ll be the basis for many GREAT conversations!

Oh, yeah, there’s a version for guys coming out next Spring (THEN they’ll have a new tool to help read your mind).

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