Today my husband becomes a blogger…….kinda…..and certainly without his foreknowledge. For anyone who knows Tad, they know this is LOL funny! He is not a writer; heck, he’s barely a reader (he’s very proud of the claim that he didn’t take home a book his entire senior year in high school…or was that his entire high school career??). He goes further to assert, through college, he never read a book cover to cover (and yeah, he was an A student, through HS anyway…that wavered a bit at Clemson. Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer come to mind with a smile (mine, not his)).

Anyway, the exception to the “no book read” thing is They Call Me Coach” by John Wooden, a book Tad started, completed and wrote a report on way back when.

Today Tad sent me this article written by Rick Reilly sometime ago, the only sports writer I enjoy reading. I never read a Sports Illustrated without looking for his column (is anyone who knows me cracking up at the thought of me actually reading SI? Anyone who doesn’t know me well, should be). Wooden’s story is lovely and inspiring, and in the midst of a culture gone mad with celebrity, he’s demonstrates quietly in word and deed how to live life with conviction and integrity.

My kind of Hero :).

p.s. Newsflash for Tad’s long-time friends…he’s actually been reading BOOKS in Tennessee–not just magazines and newspapers. Shhhhhh, he wouldn’t want to damage his reputation. Jeff & Izzy (if I’m ever brave enough to share my URL with you), he STILL keeps phone converstions to 60 seconds or less ;).

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