I PROMISE……this will be my LAST commentary on snow (or lack thereof in these here parts).

I went out of town last weekend. Thomas called me Sunday morning. He’s my most excitable child, so read his conversation with LOTS of expression.

“Mom! You WERE right!!! The ground is COVERED with snow!!!! It’s amazing!!!!!” etc., etc., ETC. (I think I used enough exclamation marks to indicate his enthusiasm.)

It was 48 degrees Sunday. It melted before I got home (it melted before THEY got home from church, lol). And of course, Thomas’ characterization of the ground being “covered” means there was perhaps a light dusting. Maybe.

The snow gods mock me. They hate me. They are real.

(Monday something went wrong. It snowed again…well, kinda. AFTER the kids went to school. It was cold, so it stuck for a while, long enough for a lot of the students to go outside and throw snowballs. The sun came out and warmed things up by noon, so it didn’t take long to melt. But I saw it 🙂 🙂 :), if only for a moment.)

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