Fun(ny) exercise in our Sunday school class today (uhm, to be politically correct, I should say “Bible Fellowship”).

First, props to teacher Bryan J. who, I guess because of his experience as a former youth pastor and now as a middle school Bible teacher (in public school no less, which is just so doggone cool), always has a fresh way to consider the scriptures. We’ve been in Luke F O R E V E R (no complaints from me 😉 ), and this morning we covered Jesus’ calling of the Twelve apostles.

Before anyone had arrived in our classroom, Bryan had arranged the chairs in small circles of six instead of the horseshoe (?) and rows at the back we’re accustomed to. He shared some insight into the beginning of the passage, but then explained our “task”: each group was to come up with their own list of 12 modern-day apostles–He asked the question, “Who might Jesus choose today?” Some people asked for additional explanation, and in typical Bryan form, he let us draw our own conclusions.

My group had FUN with this–among other issues, we debated whether or not Jesus would have women on the list. This is “who” we came up, with a few parenthetical statements attached.

1. a fisherman
2. an IRS agent
3. a doctor
4. a reformed convict
5. a student
6. a construction worker
7. a politician
8. a former prostitute
9. a teacher
10. a mom
11. a truck driver
12. Reggie White (lol, the only named person, who just happens to be dead. More than the person here, he represented “celebrity” in some form who professed belief in Jesus)

We added that our list was NOT all caucasion and American, but ethnically diverse representing a host of other nations.

Look at another “list” that was shared with the class………. OH….MY….WORD!!! I will not comment on their choices other than to say I think we had a slightly different perspective. And, I’m still laughing–OUT LOUD–just thinking about it.

1. David Jeremiah
2. Billy Graham
3. Chuck Coulson
4. Franklin Graham
5. Chuck Swindoll
6. Andy Stanley
7. James Dobson
8. Rick Warren
9. Ravi Zacharias
10. Ben Haden
11. Michael Youssef
12. Joseph Stowell

Hmmmm, a veritable “Who’s Who” of Christiandom….we affectionally called it The Moody Bible List in class.

Ok….now some who read this will have to exercise EXTREME grace (uhm, should that read “restraint”?).

I think rather than tell ya how Bryan concluded, I’d be curious to know what your list might look like. I hope you’ll post.

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