to get me riled up.

Yesterday Rachel and I needed to pick up a baby blanket for a Youth group project. We found one at a department store, then walked through girls’ clothes before paying. This meant we walked by girls’ accessories…including socks, belts, underwear. Note, I said GIRLS department, not juniors, not women’s, GIRLS.

Rows & rows of cute, adorable, colorful, PADDED bras! Where’s my frowny face when I need it? Where’s the mad bluebird?? Sexy, Victoria’s Secrets-type bras for 10-year-olds! I happen to have a daughter who isn’t rushing to grow up too fast…this repulses her as much as it does me. IT’S INFURIATING!

I cannot imagine what it’s like for a young girl growing up today…the images they’re bombarded with that are impossible to attain (at least in a “healthy” way). I am convinced it’s our job as parents to FILL these girls with a proper view of feminity. The world will fight you on this, and if you have a daughter who isn’t blind, it already is. If we are not intentional, the void will be filled with…something…and it will NOT be a biblical standard for beauty.

Start here and here. Then make it your business to find out what that means…and teach it to your daughters. Of course, I guess the step before that is you gotta believe that it’s true yourself (and so do I).

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