I think the wheel is spinning slower today :D.

How can you tell? Four posts. Sheesh….I’ve never really seen myself as a feast or famine chick.

Anyway, I have to say I AM PUMPED! My husband told me he NOTICED my new handy-dandy “filing” system for organizing all the CRAP I usually pile in our kitchen and on the dryer. Now everything has a labeled colorful folder so I can FIND what I’m looking for rather than spinning my wheels……..! Yep, I’ve already been able to find several things that in the past would typically have gotten lost or taken hours to find while I simultaneously lost my religion.

Ummm, he didn’t say he noticed…he said it was a turn on!!!!!!!! Can I say that here? TMI? Will my kids need therapy? DOES TAD NEED THERAPY? Type A, borderline OC (more O than C, no doubts).

Nah…this is a perfect example of speaking love the way he hears it…I didn’t tell him…but he heard. And THAT, my friends, does it for me 😉

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