This morning I made a WallyWorld run because, quite frankly, I cannot stand Walmart and the best time to go is when the fewest people are there, which happens to be mornings during the week (of course, I have no idea what the crowds look like from dusk til dawn because it matters not to me that they’re open 24 hours). Rainy mornings mean even fewer shoppers.

When I gotta one-stop-shop, of course there’s no better choice (unless you have a Super Target, but we don’t have a stinkin’ Super Target). Rachel and I play a game sometimes trying to come up with the most random and oxymoronic pairings of stuff you can buy at Walmart–dogfood & engagement rings, goldfish & underwear, handguns & diapers…you get the drill. (Does it look like we don’t have a lot of entertainment choices for my kids? 🙂 ).

Anyway, as I head back to the van, HUGE raindrops started falling, I started running, opened the door remotely (gotta LOVE that feature!) and dove into the car pulling the buggy beside. I grabbed my bags (not gonna tell you my oxymoronic pairings for today!), threw ’em inside and watched the rain thinking I gotta do something with this cart.

Three options: take it to the Cart Return in the parking lot (farthest option); return it to the store (next farthest option); or roll it to the very nearby parking spaces where other customers had taken theirs (the MOST attractive option given the deluge that was now falling).

This is where I mentally begin cussing Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo because I cannot leave a stupid buggy in the parking lot, even if two dozen are already there and it’s pouring down rain. So, I chose the store because it’s the next closest option and run it back.

As I’m running back to my car, guess what? I hear a loud “thank you” from somewhere. I slow down long enough to look for the face that said it, and it’s a smiling Walmart employee, pushing a load of those stranded buggies from the end of the parking lot, thanking me for taking one back. I couldn’t help but smile back at her and think maybe next time I won’t mentally assalt Gary and Anne Marie.

I got a “paycheck” today for nothing more than livin’ like I should :). Maybe today is the day I get my feet back under me. Even if I don’t, I’m still feelin’ groovy 😉

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