… music controls on your steering wheel :)!! I don’t have to listen to junk I don’t wanna, I can channel surf and dodge semis at the same time. Usually, I don’t do this while talking on my cell and applying lipstick, so you’re usually safe if you see me on the road.

This morning as I was surfin’ after school drop off, I hit three breaths of fresh air…blasts from the past…and I was just LOVIN’ my steering wheel.

CRANK UP THE VOLUME…click these links…listen…and SMILE with me:) Give ’em time to download! Three very different genres…no way to choose my favorite. (I tried to call Tad during Smile#1, but he wasn’t in his office…by the time his voice mail rolled over, too late to record anything…….oh, well, he can enjoy it here 😉 ).

Smile#1 and Smile#2 and Smile#3.

Now you know me a little bit better. And for the record, I drive a mini-van, notta beamer.

p.s. ….but on a day like today, I woulda liked nothing more than to hear those while driving a RED convertible, top down, wind rippin’ through my hair as I sang–LOUDLY–along with the tunes………..! That’s cause for smile #4 😀

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