What can I say? I’m trying to get a job promoting the band (or at least by the looks of it that’s what I’m doing…). Nah, Erin’s husband is their manager and we’re on his team ;).

See their new video here or here. If you check it out (make that WHEN you check it out) Erin & Chip’s son, Zac, is in the video. He’s the kid who’s wide-eyed-and-speechless, then stuffed in a trash can, then resurfacing with a banana peel on his head.

Fun, good stuff. A Christian punk rock band…go figure. Who ever thought I’d be a fan? Then, again, for those of you who know my daughter, who’d have ever thought she’d be a ROCKER??? But she is, although she couldn’t “look” less like one if she tried. She actually refuses to watch Idol now because Chris was voted off. Definitely a girl of her convictions, and that will serve her well as she grows up!

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