Thanks to Kailani for this tag. Now you’ve seen it, now you’re it! (I’d love to hear your responses to these topics, so do let me know if you join in the fun. Also? For my friends who read but don’t blog, this would be a FUN one for y’all to post a comment to.)


Five Things in My Fridge

  • Butter (margarine, too, but that’s nothin’ more than a butter-wannabe)
  • Half & Half
  • Sourdough bread starter
  • Three different types of mustard
  • Tropicana Pineapple/Orange juice (SO good. So stinkin’ hard to find.)

Five Things in My Closet

  • Orange shoes (yes, more than one pair, just look at my icon du jour & this)
  • Bocce ball & Badmitten sets (why aren’t they outside?)
  • My “princess” dress (she’s waiting for the next opportunity to come out of the closet 😉 )
  • Clothes I have an emotional attachment to (insane–some of my favorite outfits of my kids’, the fancy lingerie I wore on my honeymoon, vintage pieces of my mom’s (who died when I was 11) ).
  • Bargains (aka junk I think I’ll need for some reason in the future but was on sale for a really, really good price)

Five Things in My Purse (for me, aka the abyss….now, this one would not make my Youniquely Woman friends very proud)

  • 6 tubes of lipstick (funny how I rarely apply, & definitely more rarely, re-apply)
  • A sewing kit (I subscribe to the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared!)
  • Matches (for the reason above)
  • Chocolate, gum & mints (ditto plus you never know when you might really need some foodibles)
  • Receipts, coupons & TRASH (anything I might actually need will probably have been thrown away by accident)

Five Things in My Car

  • Various articles of clothing my children shed and “forget” to take inside (MUCH worse when school is going on and they beginning stripping uniform pieces as soon as they get in the car)
  • Four books (that # changes daily, lol)
  • Cell phone charger & ear piece (supposed to make me a safe driver;) )
  •  picnic blanket (that is, IF Tad hasn’t taken it out (that’s an on-going battle); this is a GREAT thing to leave in ’cause you never know when you might need one….once again, that Boy Scout motto thing)
  • Swiss army knife, Leatherman tool, nail file, & yeah, I think we’ve had need for all more than once (my van would never pass through an airport metal detector)

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