It’s Blogging Chicks Carnival time and this week’s theme is “Favorites”. EVERYTHING that’s crossing my mind to write about is tired and unoriginal and probably written better elsewhere. Perhaps this is due to sleep deprivation. With Rachel and Tad on their father/daughter adventure, I’m staying up REALLY late. This is to assure I’ll be in a dead sleep when someone breaks into my house, I really don’t need to know that’s happening until it’s “over”.

Then again, the trained rottweiler (“Damien”) parading our grounds and the six-foot pet boa constrictor (“Judas”) let loose in the house at night will take care of anyone with “ideas”.

So, I figured since I blogged for months without giving out my link, I’d share one of my favorite old posts. This always makes me grin when I just think about it…the Southerners will really get it :).

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“My Favorite Things” on this week’s Carnival ride!

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