…or a husband of one, mark your calendar. You’ll want to attend (or make plans for your wife to attend).

The fall Youniquely Woman conference, that is. It’s a kind of “finishing school” for adult women (18-45), and I have to admit, I was compelled to attend its pilot program in the Spring. Compelled and yet VERY skeptical. Suffice it to say, my expectations (whatever they were) were FAR exceeded. Speakers/leaders include Emilie Barnes, Donna Otto (two sites to check out) and Kay Arthur. The dates are October 17-21 and it’s worth the time and money. More than worth it.

Emilie’s site describes it as “A powerful week of teaching and training women in all facets of being a woman,” and I’d agree with emphasis on the word “all”. This is stuff women aren’t hearing in general–not even in “the church”. Very much Titus 2 being lived out; Kay, Donna and Emilie didn’t just teach and disappear, they were out there with us, spending the week listening and sharing their lives and experiences. NEVER pretending perfection, just sharing practical insight and even some of their mistakes. Amazingly unpretentious. I guess if you know anything about any of these women, you’ll know whatever they say comes out of their relationship with Christ–everything is Biblically based.

This translates into positive transformation for those in attendance…I cannot imagine anyone not being changed as a result. Here are a few thoughts I had at the time–here, here and here.

Also? They’ve gathered all their material from the conference and put it into book form! A fraction of the cost of the event, but maybe not quite as fun 😉 :).

“Many daughters have done nobly, But you excel them all.”

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