– Definitions of SAHM and blinkies
– There’s no such thing as the emerging church, but yet there is (BIG grin)
– How to compress a picture (for my profile pic which has severe size limitations)
– People who don’t blog are critical/skeptical/think it’s a waste of time…yet, like watching a trainwreck, they’re drawn into it…
– Men in touch with their “sensitive side” blog (feel free to define what that is)
– What “prescient” means
– There are a lot of kindreds in the blogosphere
– Bloggers are doggone funny and smart. Well, some of ’em
– I HAVE to alternate days for reading and writing…or keep both of ’em more brief than I’d like to (unless I’m zipping out something with this kind of depth…….)
– I hate my blogger template and I STILL can’t figure out how to do a line through my words and THAT makes me feel pretty idiotic

Blogging is definitely educational 🙂

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