To begin, I’m keeping things light today, it IS Friday after all. Next week the kiddos go back to school, and I have all kinds of things swirling in the ol’ “pensieve” just waiting to be written. Yep, when I get serious deep spiritual not-so-“light”, it takes me much longer to write, and I just can’t do it with distraction…right now I have three bodies in motion vying for attention, so there ya go.

Second, if any whack jobs googled “fetishes” and got me, move along. You are not going to get what you’re looking for here.

THAT being said, I DO have some kind of foot thing going on. Why else would I even think about taking this “family photo” when I was at the beach? Not to mention, two of my profile pics have been of my feet, and an entire post was written about ’em.

It’s on my mind again, because yesterday I thoroughly enjoyed pure indulgence–a pedicure. From the Flip Flop Fabulous collection, my toes are now “Yellin’ for Watermelon“, and THAT just makes me smile:D! (They’re “caliente” in the picture above)

Working for OPI would be a dream job…well, being the official “Color Namer” would be. 1) I am rather certain, to perform the job effectively have the job, trying out ALL the colors MUST be a requisite …manicures…pedicures on a daily basis. Oh! to suffer that indignity! 2) Colorful libations with umbrellas or fruit garnish are probably tools for the trade. How else could you come up with “It’s Toe-tally Summer”, “Chick Flick Cherry”, “I’m Not Really a Waitress”, “Don’t Socra-tease Me”, “Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire”, “Suzy Sell Sushi by the Seashore”, “Have a Tempura Tan-Trum”…and the list goes on. 3) You’d be making lots of girlie-Qs very happy as they sported the fruits of your labor 4) Your creativity and artistry would be on display all over the world.

Ok…enough on OPI. Back to my foot wierdness. I DO like to have my feet messed with, NOT tickled. I DO NOT like the sensation of “tickle”. I think I could love me a reflexologist…in the meantime, Tad does a nice job, thank goodness he doesn’t mind.

I told Teri-the-best-pedicurist-in-the-world yesterday toes are tiny creatures at the end of your feet (he he); she agreed. Can you imagine what SHE sees that’s nothing more than “all in a day’s work”? Yikes! Long & skinny, short & stubby, buniony, hairy, fungusy, LOL…THIS IS GETTING DISGUSTING! I’d like to think mine are none of the previous list, but I’m afraid my kids often make fun of my pinky toes…they’re little and pointy and look like they really might have cried “wee, wee all the way home” (no idea what that means, it just sounded funny to me).

In any event…my toes are ALWAYS well dressed, whether painted by me or a professional (it’s always worth the money, so guys, if you’re looking for a great gift, you can’t go wrong here). And, interestingly, I never wear color on my fingernails; they’re always clear. If they’re long and clear, it’s because they have a coat of Nailtique (Nailtek??) on ’em. That’s a product worth trying if your nails are prone to breakage.

Okay…enough of my insanity and randomness for the day. At least I ended with a practical product endorsement, even if I can’t spell it!

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