I’m at my dad’s right now and he’s sleeping. There’s a window of time to write (or read), so I’m taking full advantage. If you’ve been reading a while or know me, you know why I’m here; if not, this explains it, as well as the other post that one links to.

One of my oldest and dearest friends from childhood, Kimberly, encouraged me to seek moments of beauty through my dad’s illness. There is so much “ugly” attached to witnessing an aging parent fall prey to the ravages of dementia, finding the beauty in the midst requires intention. But the lovely thing is, if you look for it, it’s there.

Right before he went to sleep, he sang “Rock of Ages.” Typically, traditional hymns don’t resonate with me, but this time….this time, it was a moment of beauty that brought tears to my eyes. I had no idea he knew this song; my father only attended church with us during my childhood at Christmas and Easter. He knew both the tune and the lyrics…unbelieveable!

Once again, leaving me with hope for his salvation…..

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