He’s at it again….

[1] “Mom…I had the BEST dream last night!!! I checked and had tiny specs of armpit hair.”

[2] (Said to Rachel & Stephen regarding their fashion sense, or more likely, lack thereof) “Y’all have NO vanity! Me? I’m a peacock.”

[3] (To his teachers the first week of school…:/) “I don’t know why “she” stalks me. Wait, have you seen this face?” (This one had motions with it–running his fingers through the front of his hair, brushing it back. The teachers are doing him no favors–they asked him to repeat it for others. This just spurs his imagination for the next way to get a laugh.).

Ai yi yi…to tame this tiger (**sigh**). I don’t think this is a case of insecurities masking themselves as bravado or strictly the middle child vying for attention…this kid is truly a legend.in.his.own.mind. Oh, to harness that enthusiasm and zeal for life into something PRODUCTIVE and other-minded; to do so, would serve him (and in the meantime, US) well.

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