Say that in your best Soup Nazi voice (I swanee, I can’t believe Wikipedia has an entry for that…has anyone ever looked for anything there and NOT found it??).

I’ve been reluctant to show my family, particularly my extended family, my blog. Not because I plan on writing any randy exposé in PENSIEVE; perhaps it’s because they could dispute or give you another side of any story I might tell (hehe). Slowly, they’re finding it and I’m surprised they don’t ask more questions. I’m not surprised they NEVER post, they don’t mind telling me what they think to my face.

Case in point, my brother J. Wanna hear his response? (Be prepared to string him up and hang him over the bridge of your choice.)

“We need to find something else for you to do…you’re going to die an old lady with a lot of cats….” He is NOT paying me a compliment (I know catlovahs read this).

<---this one is cute, but it's not quite what I'm looking for (awwww, the kitty caught a mouse:) ...

If I start to do this with my pets, feel free to have me committed. —>

Ah, ha! This is what I’m talkin’ about
Smack, smack, take that you mutha!!
(Of course, I say that will all sisterly affection;) ).

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