…’cause I’m a mom…a mom who’s trying to follow Christ and model that for our children. And sometimes that means making decisions, frankly, I don’t like.

For instance, I’m a Green Day fan, I guess my first known exposure was during Seinfeld’s farewell montage; “Good Riddance” (Time of My Life) was the background music, and the song was perfect. During the late 90s and into the new millinium (lol, does anyone say that anymore?), I listened almost exclusively to contemporary Christian music, that of the pop variety. Now, looking back, I was pretty one-dimensional in those days, really almost sleeping my way through life, but that’s another story. I’m not proud to admit I pretty much thought if you listened to anything else, you might have just purchased a one-way ticket to hell. This was a sub-conscious thought, nothing I was even aware of, but I can recall being “concerned” that a “Christian” would listen to anything else. Ugh…the arrogance, smugness, sense of superiority…ouch :(.

Let’s fast forward to now, without me webbing or convuggling. OBVIOUSLY, if I can call myself a Green Day fan, that’s no longer the case. Suffice it to say that following a time of spiritual desert, God found a way to break me and then build me into a woman who loves Him deeply, but stripped of much of her pride and arrogance (although those things still find ways to creep in when my focus slips even a smidgeon). I’m little more than a ragamuffin, and that’s enough, because God loves me, chooses me, forgives me, accepts me, graces me and redeems me, in spite of my imperfections. Ah, but I’m a daughter of the King….the King of Kings…and I bear His image…and THAT makes me a princess:)! Now that’s good stuff!

Anyway, I AM webbing, so back to me being the bad guy (sorry….).

The only GD songs I’ve heard are those given radio airtime; we don’t own any CDs. Thomas wanted to download American Idiot (nice title), but when I googled the lyrics and saw the F-bomb in the opening stanza, I nixed it. THAT wasn’t hard to be the bad guy, T understood.

I’ve wanted to hear the rest of the “American Idiot” CD (everything I have heard, I liked, heck, I even liked the title track until I read the lyrics.). This weekend my sister-in-law handed me the jacket (is that what you call it?) from her gifted copy of “American Idiot”. Ai yi yi! half the songs drop the F-bomb. More? I can’t remember. I gotta tell ya here, generally speaking, profanity isn’t offensive to me (exceptions of course–excessive or gratuitous use, taking the Lord’s name in vain, an adult who knows better in front of children, say, at a sporting event, etc.).

So, I’m left with a dilemma….it seems to me, I can’t in good conscious listen to it, and that ticks me off! Like I said, it’s not personally offensive, and honestly, when I listen to music, I rarely hear all the lyrics (I’m EVER THANKFUL for the availability of lyrics online, to help me help my children–me–make good choices). But, in light of my desire to please God, to let Philippians 4:8 goven my thinking, it seems like the decision is made for me.

This is not a “living under the law” issue to me; I am NOT a legalist! But……..I know my kids are watching me (which is just ONE reason I’m having to re-learn how I drive, cusswords cusswords, they KNOW I’m the one with the lead foot in the family :/ and are quick to tell ANYONE about it!). They understand why I won’t buy a Green Day CD…and now why I won’t even listen to the rest of their stuff (unless it’s free of the garbage).

My tongue is an issue; it’s quick and at times wicked. My kids know this (well, anyone who knows me knows I’m spicy, and not always in the “good” way). This summer we “eliminated” some words from our vocabulary, and anyone who uses them gets to enjoy a spoonful of vinegar for 30 seconds. Guess who was the first person to use one of the prohibited words? Yep…me…and for the record, you can’t rinse your mouth with water after the 30 seconds and THAT…IS…NASTY! (but hopefully, lasting in effect) Why is it whenever a “law” is passed, I’ll rebel against it? It’d be funny if it wasn’t the truth.

Anyway, the bad guy. I have to say “no” to not only my kids, but sometimes myself. It’s never fun. But often times, the right thing to do is also the most difficult. I can live with that.

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