Remember this? This is a pretty good depiction of my frustration level as I’m TRYING to write a follow-up to yesterday’s post….’cept substitute “blogger” for “heroin” in the video. (PC disclaimer: please, PLEASE note, I am not diminishing the problems associated with drug use, but the chick in the video is doing what I’d like to be doing right about now…cut down–or turn down (depending on where you live) your volume and it’ll “work” just as well; I’m going for a visual here, not auditory.)

I just took the time to reply to every freakin’ comment of y’all’s from yesterday. Blogger ate ’em. I bet Willowtree could hear my agony all the way down under.

And, I’d like to smack any one who sing-songs, “If at first you don’t succeed….”.

Trying again :/…NOT holding my breath because I don’t feel like turning into a SMURF today! >:(

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