I love a tall caramel macchiato breve but despise ordering them, ESPECIALLY if I’m getting a grande or venti because it sounds rather pretentious. Seriously, why can’t you just say a large with half & half, instead of “breve” and “venti”. Small, medium, large. Does it REALLY taste any better with fancy smancy words?

When I went to Starbucks’ website to pick up a picture for you, I saw the “nutrition facts table” for beverages. Boy, wasn’t I excited when I saw one of my FAVORITE GUILTY PLEASURES in the universe had only 170 calories, just 5 of which were “fat calories”. It even had vitamin A (10%) and C (30%), a veritable health drink!

Yeah……………r i g h t. Try again. Who was I kidding!! NO wonder the dryer has been shrinking my clothes! :`(

I want to cry. I want to cuss. I want to cry and cuss, but I will do neither, because we ARE only talking coffee here.

Those calculations were with NON-FREAKIN’-FAT MILK! That was the default setting. I recalculated using half & half (breve), and my heart sank. We’re up to 20% vitamin A now, and 9 grams of protein, but thanks for the whopping 450 calories, 310 of which are FAT CALORIES! (tears)

And then I remembered the Seinfeld “Non-fat Yogurt conspiracy” (can’t figure out how to link this, but you can cut and paste in your browser: http://www.seinfeld-fan.net/videos/yogurt_mayor.mov ) and I KNEW I’d been had.

Off for a brisk walk in the neighborhood. And to mourn my loss … Ignorance.WAS.Bliss (and evidently fattening, too)!

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