Is this necessary? I’m grieved because it must be.

My immediate thoughts when reading it were “Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.” “You’ve come a long way, baby.” You’ve gotta be kidding … gimme a break … is this really what this** has come to????! Does this stuff need to be spelled out? HAVE PARENTS LOST THEIR EVER-LOVIN’ MINDS?

This is not from our current church, but it’s from one we love, a place that was a fantastic church home to us for a long, long time. Not perfect, but we know that doesn’t exist. It is not legalistic, not fundamental. They are currently without (but searching for) a youth pastor, so the following is a parent initiative (I think, not 100% positive about that, guess I’ll have to ask some friends about what’s between the lines, what I’m missing here).
Students AND their parents have to sign and date this. I know dress is always an issue, it’s something I plan to address here since adding my “Moms for Modesty” button on the right sidebar (just haven’t taken the time to think through what to say). We have several pastor friends and friends who work with youth who cannot believe the provocative way DAUGHTERS are dressing. Ok… do.not.get.on.that….!


Behavior Guidelines Agreement for ___________ YOUTH Group**

The purpose of _______ youth activities, events, and trips is to have fun, build relationships with one another, and deepen our walk with God.
We want you to have a great time at Youth Group events as well as be challenged to grow spiritually. The stated guidelines will help us achieve these interpersonal and spiritual goals.

1. No participant will consume or have in his/her possession any alcoholic beverages, drugs/narcotics, tobacco.
2. No one will have in his/here possession fireworks, cigarette lighters, laser pointers, or matches.
3. No weapons of any kind are allowed.
4. No cursing or offensive joking.
5. No one will have in his/her possession any pornographic literature.
6. No radios, televisions, headphones, walkie-talkies, CD players, CD’s, MP3 players, MP3’s, Ipods, portable DVD players, DVD’s, gaming consoles, or laptops are to be brought to youth group activities, events, or on trips.
7. Cell phone use only during free time and it must be turned off during all sessions, assemblies, and meetings.
8. Agree to abide by dress code. I will submit to correction by Adult Youth Leaders.
a. no clothing that depicts alcohol, tobacco, or anything of an immoral nature
b. no undergarments should be seen
c. shorts should be long enough to meet fingertips when hands are by your side.
d. shirts should be long enough to cover the midriff – no belly buttons or skin showing whether standing, or sitting, or with arms raised.
e. tops or dresses should not be low enough to reveal any cleavage
f. no tank tops or dresses with shoulder straps too narrow to cover bra straps
[*Strapless is unacceptable ]

~ I understand that it is my responsibility to conduct myself in a manner which shall reflect the highest credit upon myself, my parents, and the _______ Youth Group. I have read and will abide by the above Behavior Guidelines. Failure to comply may result in parent notification, my being sent home immediately (if on a trip, at my parent’s expense), and/or possible expulsion from future events.

I assume much. Then, again, I guess we know what that usually does :/.

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