While Michele is taking a break from hosting the Blogging Chicks Carnival, the show must go on. Without further adieu, please check out a few of the 400+ chickadees on the BC blogroll :). They’re talking about all things “fall”.

“Raindrops on Roses” and “Whiskers on Kittens” may be sweet favorites to some, but Karmyn R has a slightly more Halloweenish list of favorites at Dreaming What Ifs….

Fall in Love is the title of a picture post done one week ago at a park close to Pamela’s house at The Dust Will Wait.

Kelly at Pass the Torch shares a photo of on e of her kids’ favorite autumn leaf activities, in her post, Love is Hide and Seek.

E-mom shares some timely thoughts about Honoring Christ During the Holidays, some traditional ideas and then some.

You want SCARY? I’ll give you TERRIFYING! Check out Of Making Many Books.

Fall makes Laurel Wreath find where she hid her spatula all summer long.

In her post, I’ll give you a hint — it starts with a “D”, Janice from 5 Minutes for Mom creates halloween memories with her 4 year old son.

Malissa at Malissa’s Merry Go Round shares about their trip to a prairieschool house in “A fabulous fall field trip”.

CyberCelt has several ghostly posts on Texas RV Travel blog. Read the story of the Lady of White Rock Lake.

Growing up, football was synonymous with fall, but Robin looks at it very differently when her son played for the first time this year–a nostalgic glance at the past contrasted to a very realistic look at the present.

Anna shares an “interesting” conversation she had with a man while on a fall outing to the Renaissance Faire with her family.

Biker Betty shares a hike taken with family and friends in the mountains of Pikes Peak National Forest. It’s spectacular during the autumn season. Hiking this route is one way she keeps in shape for motorcycling.

Gattina explains how Halloween celebrations are slowing coming to Europe, especially to Belgium.

Suzy tells us her favourite things about Autumn (Fall!) in her carnival post this week.

Domestic Goddess offers up a Halloween meme of scary Halloween thingies from her life.

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