This will be a shameless post…gratuitous…self-serving. You should stop reading right now if those things disgust you (don’t say you weren’t warned).

If they don’t, keep going.

I’m headed out for a few days, and it looks like I won’t be able to post anything new. How ironic is that, given my new toy? I won’t get to play with it until I get back:/. Bum-mer!

It’s publish or perish in the blogosphere……it’s not exactly “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. More likely, it’s “Thank God that’s one less Blogline I’ll be hearing from…! “

A while back, Willowtree thought a post of mine was nothing more than a shameless attempt to increase blog traffic. It wasn’t, not in that case, anyway. Then, WT has an epiphany about why one of his favorite bloggers had such a high readership. HIS readers responded (including this one), it even required a follow-up post (which I ain’t linking to ’cause there’s already enough of that in one paragraph for heaven’s sake), all in all, great fun.

BUT, he DID give me an idea for a couple of posts. It’s about time, since he’s told me on multiple occasions I’ve inspired him…which is NOT always a compliment 😉 ). This is the second idea (the first one will be written later).

Because it’s early, and I have lots to do before heading out, I’m cutting to the chase–

1) I’m having a contest.
2) There will be prizes.
3) I don’t want to return home to find out y’all have forgotten Pensieve.
4) I blogged for six months in obscurity…it’s a lot more fun now (although, believe it or not, I enjoyed it then.). This is a way to give those old thoughts a little life.
5) Contest categories…you may select a) none b) all

[A] Reader Referral

Tell your readers that you’re competing for a prize by directing traffic here. They must leave a comment telling me you sent them. The person who sends the most new peeps wins.

Prize: Mikwright Family Style book (retail value $9.95). This stuff is hilarious but definitely PG-13 rated. There’s a greeting card line from the same people. They always make me laugh.

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[B] Committed commentor.

For those of you who are curious what the heck I was saying before anyone was listening (besides the voices in my head), the reader who goes waaaaaay back into the archives (September ’05~around March ’06) and makes thoughtful comments wins. This is about both content (demonstrating you actually read the post) AND volume–both objective & subjective). Heck, they’re new to YOU, so pretend I just wrote ’em.

Prize: $10 Barnes & Noble giftcard

[C] Where is Robin and What is She Doing? ** Ok, guys…those who know me in real life may not answer this one **

If anyone guesses rightly, you win something, but I don’t know what….I’ll try to match it to the winner :).

[D] My Favorite Comment of the Week, aka GRAND PRIZE

This is for the reader who brings me the most “joy” when I’m reading through your comments. It can be serious or kind or funny or whatever. I’ll know “it” when I see it. It can be for any post I’ve written, even if you commented on it before.

Prize: A bottle of Joy Eau de Toilette, 1.5 ounces, a $45 value. This was a gift to me several years ago, but it’s still in its original packaging–boxed & shrinkwrapped. I assume it still smells divine…I just gave up perfume for my favorite Bath & Body flavors about the same time I received this (NOT from Tad 🙂 ).

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Willowtree, THIS is what a “shameless attempt at increasing traffic” looks like. I should be ashamed of myself, but I’m not ;).

Oh, and Danno…you wondered where I’d “go” after MM then Jesus & elephants…bet you never thought I’d end up “here” ;).

Now, some fun & games as I head out……enjoy:).

Click here to see Kramer in action.

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