So, all that talk about ice cream earlier, and after dinner, I accidently had a bowl of Breyers Oreo (I cleaned my plate). Oh-my-oh so good! The kids were still at the table and I was standing behind our counter eating it (calories don’t count if you’re standing). I kind of thought out loud, “I really like this ice cream…” and immediately Thomas said, “Did you hear me say that last night?” and Rachel said, “Stephen does, too,” and right then and there, my family experienced something we NEVER do.

Unity. Related to food. Tad likes it, although he’s “better” than me because he usually opts for Edy’s Light Strawberry (ahem, he eats twice as much since it’s low cal, so the “better than me” is a gimme).

What better food group than ice cream? Dairy is healthy, right??

Click here and here for an exercise in the obvious. Everyone has a website, huh?

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