…here are some things you would have heard.

Top Most Repeated Phrases:

1) “Are you feelin’ the Magic?” (Sometimes asked when there was a “lovefest” going on with a great ride or show, asked other times when one of us was going postal, because siblings/children/parents know when and how to press each others’ “buttons” like no other. Sometimes we laugh WITH each other, and sometimes we laugh AT each other. All in love….maybe;) ).

2) “What time is it?” (I have no idea why it mattered…….time was irrelevant to me, but apparently important to my kids).

3) “I’m hungry” (Said within 30 minutes of breakfast, lunch or dinner, which was probably not eaten anyway.)

4) “It was worth the wait” (Test Track, Expedition Everest and Soaring, yes!) or It wasn’t worth the wait” (Peter Pan’s Flight). Live and learn :/.

Just Plain Funny

“This gets my vote for scariest ride.” (Thomas on “It’s a Small World After All”)

“Does this thing
N E V E R end?!” (Thomas, 12 minutes into “It’s a Small World After All”)

On the way home, I tried to write a bit (it’s why I can “remember” this stuff now). Picture Stephen “singing”…loudly… behind my head. I ask him what he’s singing, this is the following exchange:

Me: “Stephen, are you just making noise?”
Stephen: “I’m singing to the Lord.”
Me (sheepishly, with some conviction): “Y o u a r e ??” (cartoon hearts floating out of my eyes)
Thomas: “Mo-ohm (rolling his eyes at my ignorance)… he’s singing High School Musical.”
Everyone laughs as the boys say, “Mom, listen to this…3-2-1” and they break into song in unison… They’d kill me if they knew I was publically posting about them singing HSM (bwwaaahhhaha!)

Wise Beyond Her Years

Spoken incredulously, expression of disbelief: “They go to Disney EVERY year? But then the “magic” would just fade away” (Rachel, when I was telling her about friends who make an annual pilgrimmage to Disney).

More soon, I’m on the run:).

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