Contrary to what the title might suggest (depending on how old you are), this is NOT a Campbell’s Soup post.

Today it is a deliciously dreary day. Gray skies, fallish temps, and my favorite part–a relentless, rhythmic rainfall beating an uneven liquid cadence on rooftop and ground, drumrolling music not just to my ears but to my soul. I absolutely LOVE weather like this, especially when I have the luxury of appreciating it from the coziness of home. Perhaps a blazing fire in our fireplace would be the “chocolate shavings” on top of a mile-high mound of whipped cream, topping a venti-sized mug of hot chocolate….sigh…but at least I have the hot chocolate and whipped cream.

Because days like this are the exception, not the rule, I can appreciate them. If I lived in Seattle I’d probably smack someone like me who’s pollyanna-ing what could be viewed as a miserable, wet, traffic-nightmare-causing rainfall. Our drive time to school this morning took three times as long as normal; good thing I left early, we barely made it by the ring of the first bell. If too many days of sunshine and blue skies elude, this tune of mine begins to falter, but for now, my spirit sings.

Perhaps part of my demeanor is tied to some of my favorite “friends” who get to visit between now and Spring–sweaters and jeans and thick socks, oh my! My preferred “uniform” when it’s cool enough is a vee-neck long-sleeved white tee and my favorite pair of blue jeans, worn well from having been worn often…”soft” in all the right places that make them unique to my DNA. I don’t care WHAT happened in “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, nobody else’s jeans glove you the way your favorite pair of jeans hugs your southern half. Do I hear an “Amen!”? Why, yes, I think I hear a few.

But my primo-most favoritest outfit from last year is what I am wearing today. Mmmmmm, I’m in textile texture heaven! I wish you could touch me (now THAT’LL bring out the freaks, YIKES! rephrase, rephrase QUICKLY), let’s make that my arm and kneecap. A pair of velveteen pants and a cozy sweater, and at least while I’m home, a pair of outrageous chenille socks of my daughter’s (she has quite the sock collection–while no slave to fashion, she LURVES her comfort, cozylicious, chenille sock collection….shhhh, so do I; they’re “her precious”). When I’m out and about later on today, I will most likely be the receiver of many a sideways glance, as observers notice me unconsciously hugging myself. This sweater still feels as good as I remember.

Ooooo, and one of the sursies my husband gave me for our anniversary is a NEW sweater made of the same plush yarn!! I would have that on today, but since I’ve worn it three times since Saturday, it’s in the wash. In case you’re wondering (and by now, I know you aren’t), this picture is not me, although it wouldn’t surprise me if the face recognition gurus at said I look 87% like an Asian model. It could be worse…they could say I look like Little Richard or something;).

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