Or I could’ve titled this: “How I blog binged today” or “The girl with a thousand faces”. WT’s insinuation that I purposefully left off my photo sent me back to figure out why it was dropped. None of mine “stuck”…go figure, I’m techie impaired and disgusted by postal because of proud of it. I won’t keep this posted forever, takes up too much room. I do find it suspect that there’s no overlap of celebrities among my different pictures…….

I can’t write anything of substance at the moment. Kevin-the-tile guy has his whiz-bang saw going every two minutes and to say I’m distracted is a vast understatement…. But every whirrrr I hear is one more tile up, that much closer to being undiscombobulated. Off to speed clean…….silly girl that I am :).

REST OF THIS POST REMOVED TO PROTECT…the not-so-innocent :). Me likey the comments, so I didn’t delete it altogether, funny peeps, you are!

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