Y’all bounce over to Malissa’s and tell her Happy 35th. She’s out of town at a Scrapper’s weekend, and I KNOW it’d be fun for her to come home to a bunch of surprise greetings. Don’t tell her I sent you, let her w o n d e r where in the heck you came from. Tell your readers, too. LOL, a blog swarm for a birthday present. What will I “they” think of next?

For those of you who might remember my exercise in insanity little contest last month, Malissa was a winner (in, not one, but TWO categories)(which reminds me, I still need addresses from some of y’all….).

BTW, I’m getting v e r y close to my 300th post…what happens then? In Blogger’s “Posting” mode, it only shows the most recent 300 entries, and gee…..I don’t wanna lose any stellar writing from prior to that. Any thoughts?

(Thanks to leftcoastonlooker for head’s up on Malissa’s birthday 🙂 ).

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