I’m a convoluted thinker. And sometimes I am certain think the world universe revolves around ME.

Take this morning. The first half of my day was pretty well ordered–based on the high-pitched squeal of my brakes, it was time to have them replaced. Following an early-morning appointment at the dealership immediately after school drop-off (coupon special, otherwise we NEVER go to the dealer for service), I was headed to my Wednesday morning study on Daniel (Bible prophecy blows my mind…..and honestly, I struggle with eschatology the study of end time events…); from there, picking up a fixture for our bathroom remodel and, most important of all, a 1/2-price candy binge at Targét.

For some reason, traffic was MISERABLE, somehow personifying the gray, drizzly, nondescript kind of day that attempts to smother the fire of Fall. It took us 20 minutes to go less than two miles, on a good day it should’ve taken us maybe five. The kids were on time for school, but I was about 15 late for my 8:00 a.m. appointment.

OF COURSE, I was frustrated. In my mind, 15 minutes late for a service appointment meant I’d be behind others who had later appointments, and my wait would go from one hours to two.

Instead, it turned out to be wonderfully providential. Had I been on time, I would’ve missed a moment of beauty…creation speaking…in a way that always, always stops me in my tracks.

A rainbow. Alpha to its omega, spectacularly complete. Were there a pot of gold at its end, I could’ve found it. In sections, there was a double bow, though this a quiet echo of the first. As I was rushing to my appointment, desperation looked right and left for a place to stop, to be still, to savor. Finally exiting the interstate, I was able to click a few shots with my cell, but it was already beginning to fade.

I didn’t care about being late anymore. It didn’t matter. Maybe it sounds silly, but when I see a rainbow, I see a signature of God, a seven-color brushstroke of His hand across a canvas of sky, and I’m amazed. I am always amazed. Sometimes I’m amazed that I’m still amazed when I’ve been seeing these for a lifetime. There have been multiple times I am convinced these are intentional gifts for ME–an assurance–like a father saying “Chile, I’m HERE! It’s okay…it’s gonna be O.K.” and I believe it, ’cause it’s my daddy, and he knows me and loves me and always tells me the truth, ya know? Today I’m not overly concerned about anything really, and still I’m reassured….

Ok……Blogger’s not cooperating with photo uploads, so here it is w/tinypic…wish the quality was better, but at least you can see the entire arc if you squint your eyes and use lots of imagination :).

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