Three weeks after our Florida vacation, I’m just now getting around to writing about it. ..that whole discombobulated and living out of a suitcase thing.

It’s also time to fess up that my perfectly painted tootsies are discombobulated, too. Ewwwww! Look at that pic to the right:(. It brings both mental and physical duress for me just to look at it! I’m not sure WHAT happened to start the break in my nail, but Stephen finished it off when Birkenstock-clad foot met soccer cleat. I actually went to a nail salon and requested an acrylic tip, but they laughed at me explained it was a lost cause while compassionately clipping the last remaining thread of keratin. They also painted the disgusting ridged nail bed to try to camoflage my grotesque toe disfigurement, but that just looked s a d to me, kind of like using concealer to “hide” a humongous zitoid (ain’t foolin’ nobody). Although I bandaged it for a while, now I’m hesitant to confess my toenails are bare-naked…it’s almost enough to crush my spirit. Almost;).

Perhaps the saving grace is there’s over six months for it to grow before baring my feet full time again. In the meantime, they’re hiding, often in colorful socks, which is kind of like a spoonful of sugar :).

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