Well, it’s more like I’m giving YOU a break :).

Instead of writing anything new (since obviously my last few posts have been explosively riveting and randomly engaging), I think any time spent blogging will be used to read and comment y’all (leave a comment here with a link back to ya, and if I haven’t read you before, why, I think I’ll include visiting new peeps in this little exercise). With kids buzzing around and squillions of things to do, coupled with the blogosphere operating at a snail’s pace, I think this idea is simply marvey :).

The one thing that I’d ask of you (newbies AND not-so-newbies) before I go, is to please stop by Kelly’s place, tell her I sent you and leave a comment. Her corporate sponsor is contributing $1 per comment to St. Jude’s Hospital up to $500. She has until Saturday night to make this goal. If you have a blog of your own, it would be nice if you linked back to her as well. Thanks to those of you who have already visited and to those of you who will; you can comment both today and tomorrow.

UPDATE: Kelly got her 500+ comments, St. Jude’s got $500…sounds like everyone’s a winner to me :). Thanks to those of you who popped over there from here. I think this might just be the most clever way I’ve ever seen ANYONE pimp their blog!

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