(Note: I wrote this post early this week because I knew my weekend was going to spin about 1,000 rpm…..and it is ;)….PLUS, what I didn’t know, I am VERY computer impaired, and pretty doggone thankful I wrote this post in advance, because it’s a very important one and I probably wouldn’t have been able to link everything I wanted and post pictures otherwise.

In follow-up to yesterday’s post, I have a million replies, just not able to think anything though right now :)…still, thank each of you for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. Figured I should post this…disclaimer??? explanation??? so y’all wouldn’t think I was totally manic and bi-polar….I prefer to call it…hmmmm…ah, yes, as my husband says…”I’m a complicated woman.” Gotta run, this borrowed computer has to go back to its rightful owner. Toodles!)

All you wanted to know and then some, right here 🙂 Festivus is my favorite fake holiday of them all!

Get your own Festivus Pole here.

You can order Festivus Wine here.

Ah, yes, capitalism at its best–only in America can you make money off a show about nothing!

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