…Instead, it was a STAY – AWAKE – ALL – NIGHT – OVER. For fourth graders.

The POSSESSED BEAST FOUL AND SURLY GARGOYLE grump that returns home is the host-mommy’s payback for what she endured the previous evening. Why, it’s the least she can do after filling your kid up with pizza and cake and ice cream (oh, my!). And overdosing on video games and air hockey and pool. Thanks. A lot.

Re-entry to humanity takes about 12 hours. After multiple naps (if you’re lucky enough…today, we were).

Does the above look comfortable to YOU? Stephen crashed in Rachel’s room and I’m certain he ended up in her chair because that is Callie’s favorite napping spot. When we found him, Callie had escaped his snare and was sleeping comfortably on Rachel’s bed. Stretched out, plenty of room, unlike her boy-owner.

I went back to check on him later, and he had disappeared from Rachel’s room. I found him down the hall in his own, and at first, I thought he must have left his arms back at Rachel’s. You’d think if the kid was trying to get more comfortable, he would’ve taken advantage of the fact he was on a BED. Maybe he sleepwalked (sleptwalked?) back to his room. Look closely at his face, he got creases in his cheek from the wrinkles in the fabric of the chair. At least he’s fortunate enough NOT to have been drooling. He’d be super mad if I photographed that.

I was decorating our mantel while Christmas music decorated the air, when I saw him vertical again. Mr. Grump stomped into our den, with a not-so-happy look on his face. “Can you PLEASE cut that music DOWN? I can hear it all the way in my ROOM!” Actually, I don’t think he asked that nicely. “What time did you say you went to sleep?” I asked. His tight-lipped reply? “I told you we didn’t…maybe 5 minutes, I DON’T REMEMBER.” As if that was in doubt.

Just like a mother, I patronizingly lovingly told him a shower would make him feel MUCH better, and brushing his teeth for the first time in 24 hours would make ME feel MUCH better; in return for my hug, he head-butted me.

By 8:00 p.m., showered, fed and watered, he was back to normal. Just in time for bed.

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