I constantly channel surf the radio in my car. Why listen to commercials or crapola, when 12 pre-sets and six CDs eagerly await their turn with a press of a button? Goodness knows, I’m lyrics impaired–outside of “The Alphabet Song” and “Happy Birthday”, I’m sure to butcher the words to just about every song I know. This is why I bow to Cheeky’s prowess. That girl knows the word to every song written since 1970- something. Or at least she sounds like she does, the way she shucks & jives all the time (ha!). The ability to Google lyrics is something I should record in our Thankful Box. Then, again, what I usually come up with is much more imaginative :).

This morning I was hip-hoppin’ with Toby Mac in “Made to Love”, spinning from “Night Fever” with the Bee Gees, and head-banging with “Mr. Brightside”.

And I still contend I am the most sane insane person you will ever meet. I just have eclectic music tastes.

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