Okay, okay, my apologies to David Sedaris…although I’ve never read him, I like the title of that book, and from reviews I HAVE read, I’d probably enjoy it. With all Swampy’s inferences to “trash talkin'”, it’s the phrase that kept running through my mind for a post title for my next entry in our recycling series. So, there ya go, it’s how I think.

Through a blogger chain of events, we’ve begun SPEAR 2007, a challenge to begin recylcing in our own homes, with an invitation for YOU to join us. Thanks for your feedback so far; it’s encouraging to hear your thoughts.

Beginning can be daunting. I’ve begun researching information and statistics related to recycling, and you can imagine the zillions and zillions of sites out there! Too much to process, too much to read. It’s best to remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’re having to establish NEW habits, and rather than trying to “build a city”, we’re simply “redecorating a home”.

I thought it interesting that at EXATLY the same time Swampwitch and I were exchanging thoughts about this challenge, I noticed a recycle logo on a Target bag. These are simple tips for reusing grocery bags, the type suggestion that will keep this challenge manageable. They’re all common sense, but sometimes it helps to have it s-p-e-l-l-e-d out for ya. If you aren’t already doing these, why not put some of these into practice today?
1) Tiny trashcan liner
2) Doggy duty
3) Water balloon (yikes!)
4) Roadtrip Rubbish (might I add barf bag??)
5) Soggy laundry
6) Ice pack for head lump
7) Toiletry Tote (who needs a cute little Vera Bradley or Kate Spade case for such?)
8) Kitty litter liner
9) Tomorrow’s lunchbag
10) Care package padding (I know, I know, it’s not the same as Marnie’s air-filled bags…!)

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