While I was sucking time looking for some very important pictures when I was supposed to be cleaning and decorating my house, these are some gems I mined, priceless treasures from my youth.

Fine Art: A lovely yarn-moulded, tin foil relief

I am rather certain I got the picture of this bird off some kind of “ladies product”, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what now. It was not Dove soap, it was something more personal, like maxi pads or birth control or something. I remember hoping no one would recognize where I got it.

This is one of my FAVORITE childhood pictures…most of them aren’t nearly this stinkin’ adorable, and because this one is, I’m not at all above stating the obvious. That cutie-patootie could have sold doll babies or Easy Bakes or something. This is when chubby really IS cute.

Ahhh, but this…THIS…is chock FULL of blog fodder. Apparently, I was quite “touched” gifted as a precocious nine-year-old. Too bad the original cover art disintegrated. I’m sure it was spectacular judging from what lies beneath.

Stay tuned…reading this stuff, I realize my drama-queeness-exhibitionism came very early in life. My mama was sick…I was a middle child. I had to do something for attention. Reading it again, I laughed until I cried. Love it when that happens.

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