Two things which have me shakin’ my head after last night:

1)  Do I DARE admit this?  I had a dream.  It was about Ree’s Marlboro Man.  YIKES!  Nothing saucy and salacious…just conversation, BUT HOW WEIRD IS THAT???  When blogging starts creeping into my sleep and alters my REM vision, ai yi yi, maybe I need to lay off a bit!  With all her talk lately of tingly hineys, I’m just thankful there was no hanging from the chandelier. 

I wonder what Tad will think when he reads that I’m dreaming about another man…I didn’t mention it before he went to work because…well…I was asleep, dreaming about MM.  A real man I’ve never met.  Hmmmm.  He’s secure, he’ll just roll his eyes….and take confidence in the fact HE was the one I was "with" last night ;).

Have any of you EVER dreamed about someone you’ve only read about???  Please tell me I’m not the ONLY freak one!!!

2)  Ugh.   Grey’s Anatomy.   Probably shoulda skipped last night’s episode, we knew "that" was coming. 

Off to write my "real" post for today….:).

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