Whatever you do, do not, I repeat more loudly and emphatically, DO NOT click this link!

It is what I look like when I KEEP the first resolution on my New Year’s list (and no, no matter how bad you want to see them, posting Marnie’s nekkid pics did not even make my list this year…I respect her…I do not want to violate her privacy). My own personal nekkid pics are a different story, however, and if you click that link, I’m afraid there is a public display of sorts awaiting.

I know, I know, I’m rather pedestrian…New Year’s resolutions are soooo beneath bloggers, you’ve told me so again and again and again (while simultaneously telling me about your goals…and hopes…and dreams for the new year). Of course, I say that with all affection.

You have been warned. It’s not pretty.

Or maybe…just maybe, it is ;).

UPDATE: I changed my mind. Click the link. I’m a woman and it’s my ever-lovin’ prerogative to change my mind. Because I said so.

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