Okay, guys, I just gotta tell ya…………You don’t believe in God?  You don’t believe He cares about you and KNOWS you?  I just got smacked upside the head with a moment that took my breath away.

Literally, I JUST posted THIS.   Please take 30 seconds to read it, the rest of this won’t make sense otherwise.

When I got home today, I had to complete a newsletter by the time I picked up my kids from school.  I did what I usually do, checked emails, opened Bloglines, clicked on a bunch of blogs–to "read as I had time" (ha!)–and proceeded to complete the newsletter. 

By the time I was done (doesn’t it always take longer than you plan?), I had this overwhelming feeling of discouragement.  The newsletter wasn’t a sad thing, so working on it didn’t account for my emotions, but I felt…ummmm…I guess "oppressed".  I wrote the post above, published it, and then began to close all those open blog tabs (because I’m headed out the door). 

The one that was staring me in the face, I did not even recognize, but the title caught my eye.  I think I bloglined it when I saw a link on someone else’s blog.  You’ve gotta click THIS LINK and you’ll understand why I am amazed by God…and His goodness…and grace…and love…and presence. 

Nice reality check exactly when I NEEDED it.  PollyAnna is back in the house, and she’s singing, Stephanie-style :).

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