Blast_from_the_past_1Oh, that it were that simple…:/.

Iris at Sting my Heart  tagged me with a meme that sounds easier than it has proven to be.  You don’t have to write anything new, just re-post four entries from your archives:  one funny, one serious, one "ugly" (a rant) and one about me (or in your case, YOU).  Thanks to Lindsay, its original brainchild.  It’s a great way to breathe new life into some of your older posts, and I hope lots of you choose to snag this tag, then let me know so I can come and check out your answers (especially my "newer" readers). 

For readers who know me a bit better, you KNOW choosing ONE of anything is virtually impossible for me :/.   

Here goes nothin’ :):


This gave me a HUGE LAUGH OUT LOUD, I love Lucy AND whipped cream,  people using the wrong words can make me laugh til I cry and I know that home remedies can get you into TROUBLE!


A painful but redemptive part of my past (a must-read for any mom struggling with her children) and thoughts on the importance of forgiveness.


Trying to shop with Rachel (not once, but twice) or explaining what I mean when I say Jesus is not my best friend


Apparently, I look younger than I am (if you’re a waiter wanting a BIG tip), I’m a sucker for lemonade stands, roller coasters and I have a hate-hate relationship, I like to read and blog, I’m an encourager, I choose to see the half-full glass, I’ve been "paid" to write about coffee because I talk about it too much already, even with the risk of scarlet-cheek-turning embarrassment, I really, truly want you to tell me if my pants are unzipped (among other things), I write poetry when I’m inspired to do so and I think little things matter.

Crapola!!!  Ok….I’ll try to come back and cull this, I kind of got out of control, huh?  I don’t even remember writing some of this.  Heck, pick one link out of each group, if you pick more, you’ll get to know me better than you’d like!

I’m tagging Jenny (because I’d like her to pick her favorite old posts for me), Willowtree (because he’ll have a smart comment about me linking too many posts) and Mark (for the same reason as Jenny).   Especially if you’ve only begun commenting here, I’d love for YOU to do this tag, too, and let me know!  It’d be a treat for you to choose your favorite archives for us to read!

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