This is what TAD has been up to on his days off. Cleaning out our attic space. I think he actually enjoyed himself.

In this pile of STUFF, there is both a printer that we don’t use because the toner cartridges are $100 and a printer we don’t use simply because we don’t like it; computers that have been upgraded (but still kinda sorta work) and their big ol’ honking monitors; a fish tank that needs to be cleaned, but Stephen was given a new one, so who needs the hassle?; a NEW-but-slightly-used toaster oven that was given to us, but we don’t have the counter space, so we’re getting rid of it; a mini food processor (I have its big brother, so again, it’s superfluous); a tv that works but we don’t use because it pre-dates remotes; a tv that doesn’t work; a broken VCR; a marginal coffee maker…

Is it any wonder that good stewardship of resources is on my brain?! More on that when I don’t have a headache. I gotta check out that free-cycle thingy I think Erin told me about….

One thing I know………..we have too much crap. I’m becoming a minimalist in my old middle age :/.

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