Madeja look, madeja look! 

I am a creature of habit…I resist change.  DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS FOR ME TO WRITE A POST IN A FOREIGN LAND???  I feel like a fish outta water…or like I need to curl up in the fetal position with one thumb in my mouth and the other hand clutching my blankie….or that you CAN forget how to ride a bicycle after all.  I am so off-balance, I can hardly think.  Did someone rearrange the letters on my keyboard??

Just when I kinda sorta knew all the ins & outs of Blogger, a thousand straws not only broke the camel’s back, they knocked that sucka off his feet.  I’m not quite sure what I think of TypePad yet, although my 30-day trial is long over (WHAT was I thinking beginning a trial at Thanksgiving…with Christmas around the corner, kids out of school, lots of time on the road, etc. ad nauseum?!).  I also had a trial going with Squarespace but chose TP instead, mainly because I know a lot more bloggers who can answer TP questions than I do SS users. 

I wonder what the odds were of me being the next person to leave Blogger…who thought Susan or Pamela would be next? 

So, chop-chop, change your Bloglines (or whatever reader you use) subscription RIGHT NOW to Pensieve’s new address or bookmark this page in your Faves.  Tell your friends.  Tell your neighbors.  Tell the postman–he always rings twice (see?  I’m losing it!).


Ahhh, nekkid foot pictures…the only thing that can make me feel better right now.  That, and my next cup of coffee. 

Stay tuned for more riveting posts from my Pensieve to yours…

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