I have three children.  My daughter is her father on estrogen.  My oldest son is me on testosterone.  Thank God (and I do mean that with every fiber of my spiritual being, punctuated with a LOUD "Amen!") my third child is a moderate blend of the two of us. 

Sometimes Thomas says things because he likes it when I write about him; most of the time, I don’t give him the satisfaction.  Take the time he told me he wanted to grow up to be a glass eater.  Of COURSE, I asked him why, and his oh-so-typical-middle-child response was "To get attention.  You KNOW I LIKE attention."  My response?  "You’re just saying that so I’ll blog it," to which he incredulously replied, "HOW did YOU KNOW?!"  I’m on to ya, kid…Mamas just know these things.P7020104

Thomas is a sweet 12-year-old kid who doesn’t yet understand the full impact of what he says.  My head’s not in the sand.  Believe me, I’m very aware of what to look for…Thomas is the single biggest reason I pray–every.single.day.–for [the children] to "think before they speak".

He’s gonna learn this the hard way.  Pain is a fantastic teacher.

But this isn’t about that, it’s about a funny email exchange between me and him today.   We were sitting up his account and I sent him a "test" email.

My first email to him:
        Hey handsome.  You are soooooooooo CUTE!

His reply:
        Right back @ yaP6240067

My second to him:
        Geezaree, I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvveeeeee you!

His reply:      
        u know it

His quick follow up:
        hey guess wat?  Im bringing sexyback

You tell ME I’m not in for it…please…tell me!

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