Please, PLEASE, read this post from the Original Pensieve archivesI shared it this time last year, and if you’ve never read it (and since I didn’t give out my URL until sometime in March, and go "public" until sometime in May, you haven’t read it, at least not from my blog), you NEED to.  So often, King is remembered singularly for his "I have a dream" speech, and while it is beautiful and inspiring and memorable, there is so much more to this man whose influence still lingers today.  His letter from Birmingham Jail will break your heart if you’re willing to read it from start to finish.  And you NEED to (have I mentioned that?).

I’m bereaved…it gives me total license to say whatever I want, to boss people around, to get away with figurative murder.  I’m thinking I have about a week or so to throw the bereavement card, and so I’ll use it to my advantage.  What can I say?  It’s my twisted humor at work, and yes, I can see humor and the beauty of irreverence, even in the face of death and grief. 

And personally, I think it’s a GIFT and I’m glad I have it, so there! 

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