Today is not a writing day. 

OF COURSE there are a gazillion thoughts swirling in my personal pensieve, but a l a s (she says with back of hand across her forehead)……….we have a dozen high school girls spending the weekend at our house and I’m cleaning like a madwoman (because cleaning renders me a mad woman)……

…. and working on the "to do" list Tad has compiled for me helped me compile (which, interestingly, does NOT contain "blogging"), and I’m happy to say things are actually getting checked off (waaahoooo!).  I know, role reversal….it works for us.

… and FINALLY completing the invitations for Rachel’s Valentine Tea, this year marks her twelfth!  (More on that in a future post….).  Completing them includes getting them in the mail, so that’s where I’m off to now.

Anyhoo, in the meantime, I’m calling on "Little Girl Robin"  to help out with a post today.  I hurriedly scanned a lovely selection of prose and poetry, and for the life of me, I’m thinking I was one confused kid.  Hope it gives you a giggle, as for me, it just makes me shake my head ever so slowly.   


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