Don’t be.

If you had read this little dittie, you would know I’m posting over at TypePad for now, and it will feel a LOT more permanent once I figure out how to move at least part of my Blogger design and become proficient at TypeLists and all the JUNK they say makes life easier (but for me, it does little more than make me feel like an OLD DAWG). I STILL haven’t been able to transport my Blogger archives…but then again, I haven’t fooled with THAT in weeks!

I have to mention my trusty Sunbeam, pictured above. She’s been my faithful friend for over 19 years. I’m afraid she’s about at the end of her small appliance life, the beaters no longer remain locked when mixing batter. I wonder how many extra pounds she is responsible for on me…on Tad? Cookie dough was mixed so much easier with her…pound cakes, a breeze…and oh, my, word, I could not have made an angel food cake without her! She’s been as sweet as pie.

I’ve thought about replacing her with a Kitchenaid Mixer–the array of color is yumma-wonderfully-Easter-egg-a-licious!! Doesn’t it just make you wanna put on an apron, coif your hair and call yourself Betty Crocker? A mixer with style AND substance BEGS to be bought! In spite of the fact it weighs in at 28 pounds, which if you think about it, is a good thing since you’d get a work out every time you use it (unless you leave it out on your counter as “kitchen art”, a culinary sculpture I guess).

But…BUT…somehow that seems downright disloyal. Kind of like plopping down the big bucks to replace your slobbering-but-faithful mutt with some highbrow Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Welsh Corgi pup or something.

So I’ll probably just get another Sunbeam, and if it lasts for 19 years…WAIT A SECOND, HOLD THE PRESSES!!! lawd chile, I’ll be in my 60s! And since my brain can’t even wrap itself around THAT thought, I think I’ll stop writing RIGHT.HERE!

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