…I repeat NOT….

a shameless attempt to generate blog traffic (no matter how convincing Willowtree’s accusations will be).  It IS, however, a plea for help, a solicitation of advice, an opportunity for you to wax nostalgic while I benefit from your collective knowledge.

This year Tad and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  To celebrate, two things will (hopefully) take place:  1)  I plan on breaking the hermetically sealed box my wedding dress has lived in since two weeks after I wore it the first time, to be followed by me wearing it every day during the week of our anniversary (in November).   It is insane to have worn it only once, so I plan to make up for lost time.  Who cares that I’ll get more sideways glances than two circus freaks at the mall?  I’ve never been one to shy away from attention.  I will embrace my 20th with all the post-schoolgirl giddiness of newlywed bliss, thrilled to tell the world I’d do it all over again and even with the same guy.  Like a fine wine and expensive, albeit, stinky unpronounceable cheese, I have found him to get better with age. 

The second event will be an anniversary trip for an ENTIRE WEEK AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN!  WAHOOO!!!  Chandelier-swinging, earth-shatterin’, world-rockin’, record settin’, universe-tiltin’, monkey-cage-climbin’, position-inventin’, no-need-to-lock-our-door……..WHOA**!!  I’m getting a bit ahead of myself but turning three mental cartwheels at the thought!!  If I flipped for real, I might damage something that would affect my "performance" on this second honeymoon, and we can’t be having that, now, can we?   Oh, and I LOVELOVELOVE my babies, but we’ve never been away from them for more than three nights (not including their summer camp sessions, and even then, we still had the youngest at home), so we’re DUE.  (** Note to self:  get on a vitamin regimen NOW, and go look up personal trainers in the phone book…:/.)

This is where YOU come in…  Tad and I haven’t decided where to go.  We have traveled very little in our 20 years together, the last time we were on a plane together was 15 YEARS AGO, before kids!  Ummm…I don’t like to fly, so while I love our annual trips to the beach, we’ve never "carpe diemed" when it came to travel.

I’m ready to carpe diem :).

Sooo, do you have any advice about a GREAT, ROMANTIC getaway?  Here’s the criteria:  we won’t want to be around large crowds, or small crowds for that matter.  We LOVE tropical, so blue water and white sand is IDEAL.  WE enjoy fantabulous restaurants.  That’s about it…sounds simple enough, but there’s SOOOO much information on the internet when you begin searching, so many "good" choices….well, it’s overload.  I shut down.  I’m a chocolate/strawberry/vanilla girl, so too much of a good thing is not a good thing for me!

We’ve heard too many disaster stories from friends who told us where NOT to go; you know, the places that look great in a brochure but don’t manage to live up to their press.  We’d be more inclined to visit a place that has a credible recommendation from someone who’s been there, done that.  Tee shirt is optional. 

I’m asking, humbly-but-boldly-yet-shyly-and still-hopeful asking, if there’s a way for you to ask your readers to make their recommendations to us, too–I’d really, truly, forever appreciate it.  Some of y’all have random posts sometimes that list a series of "things", and have I mentioned how grateful I’d be if you asked your peeps to give me their two cents?  Thankful/obliged/appreciative/forever in your debt, all of the above. I’ll name you as the beneficiary of our travel insurance policy, and you stand to gain vast sums of money should we meet our untimely demise on said trip.  Hopefully if that happens it will be on the return trip.

And back to my first sentence, if this had anything to do with pimpin’ my blog, I’d give prizes to the winners.  Clearly, Tad will be the "winner" but if we actually ended up at the place you suggest, I’ll bring you back a souvenir.

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