So, it’s not really a "room", but it is a "view", so at least part of the title is accurate.  I wanted something catchy for this post, but sometimes I’ve got nothin’.  Finishing "The Rat Chronicles" (the "Conclusion" posted during the Colts/Patriots game last night) did me in (please say that in your best Eliza Doolittle), so I guess I’ll let the pictures do the talkin’…most of it, anyway, you KNOW I’ve gotta sprinkle a few of my thoughts here and there. 


This is our view as I stand on the threshold of our front doorway.  There hasn’t been a sunny, blue-sky day since I can remember, so the color is as drab as it gets.  When we bought this house 3 1/2 years ago, the front yard was completely natural–you couldn’t see the street because it was so heavily wooded.  But my man loves his grass, so he cut those suckers down.  Good thing I’m also married to my yardboy; he’s paid
V E R Y well;).


This view is looking to the left.  Through those woods and down a steep hill is a FANTABULOUS creek, complete with a rope swing, tadpoles, rocky embankments, caves, a boy-scout-made rope bridge…oh, yeah, and SNAKES…maybe that’s why we don’t get down there more often.


To our right (but pictured at left) is a great Spring reading spot; what you can’t see is that it’s also a favorite destination for SPIDERS!  On more than one occasion I’ve been swinging and reading, only to find out I’m not alone.  Heebie!Jeebies!!

Thanks to Vicki for initiating today’s photo post, it’s been fun bouncing around to bloggers who took part.  Don’t you just l u r v e "knowing" people all around the world?  And today, seein’ where they hang their hat?   A list of participants follows, but if you’re coming late to the paty and you’d like to "show me yours", comment a link to your view ’cause I’d love to see your neck, too :).

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