Have you not noticed that I haven’t updated “here” in over a week?? Of course there are multiple reasons for that (the past week of TypePad posts explain….:/), but for those of you who check in on Pensieve, it’s PAST time to update your Bloglines or bookmarks or whatever reader you use with my new TypePad website, Pensieve. The site is still under construction…now THAT will be a s l o w work in progress, I’d rather write than play techie. But I do miss my custom template, so expect some design changes, not nearly as fast as I’d like ’em. That’s where I’ll be writing from now on (until in about a year, I probably decide to try the newest “latest and greatest”).

I’m kind of bummed about losing my stellar rating in Technorati….I remember when I was one in about 2 million, and then that went down to somewhere in the 5,000s….and, hmmmmm, I guess I need to let Michele over at Blogging Chicks know I’ve moved.

For those of you who recently “googled” or “yahooed” or “dogpiled” or whatever-searched me and found me using keywords like “caramel machiatto breve calories, cute coffee mug, Dunkin’ Donuts, words of encouragement, becoming a minimalist, uvula stuck to your tonsils (thanks, Susan), really disgusting things, Le Cruset, when the cat’s away the mice will play, ladybug infestation, unzipped pants, pretty feet, polished toenails, sweet hot mama, pink leopard suitcases, Robin likes to dance, alligators in Kiawah, mintless toothpaste, alanis morissette, Jackie Kennedy, lyrics for Casting Crowns, Eleventyseven or Underoath songs, snorting from laughing so hard, disinfect your kitchen drawer after a mouse, death is not the worst thing, best piecrust, tiny shower remodels, barbie tampons (?????), what fun gag gift can be made from Maxi-Pads, or the meaning of PENSIEVE”, you may or may not find what you’re looking for here or at the new place. But you sure made me smile trying with keywords like those (I wish I would’ve saved ALL the bizarre searches over the past eight months or so…bloggers are FREAKS!).

Soooo, theorhetically, this is my “last” Blogger post, but I’m not deleting the site. 1) I still haven’t been able to transfer my old posts, and 2) I don’t want someone else to capture the URL! and 3) I’m still partial to Susie’s design :).

Ciao for now, see you over at TypePad!

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